Why I Recommend WVU IMC For Marketing Professionals

Why I Recommend WVU IMC For Marketing ProfessionalsIf you’re considering an advanced degree in marketing communications, I urge you to act on that notion.

Not only will it help you professionally – a study revealed that marketing professionals with master’s degrees typically earn an estimated 20 percent more – it will help you with your personal growth, too.

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Something’s Watching Me – And It’s My Smartphone

When I think about privacy in today’s digital age, I can’t help but flash back to Rockwell’s 1984 chart-topping hit, “Somebody’s Watching Me.” The chorus – sung by Michael Jackson – is stuck in my head.

I feel like Rockwell, but it’s not just creepy paranoia setting in.

According to a study reported in the Wall Street Journal, your smartphone apps could be tracking you every 3 minutes.
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Want To Reach Millennials? Use Email Marketing

Want To Reach Millennials? Try Email Marketing
Photo source: Maxburst

You may think email marketing is about as relevant to millennials as MC Hammer and answering machines. But it’s actually their preferred method of brand communications, according to a study by Principal Financial Group.

That’s good news for marketers. Email is easy to customize and integrate into other marketing tactics. And it’s more effective for keeping in touch with millennials. Yes, even more effective than social media.

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University Provides Inspiration With Project ME

University Provides Inspiration With Project MEAs a devoted brand advocate for West Virginia University, I follow WVU pretty closely on social media. I’m always impressed with their ability to tell their brand story in personal and compelling ways.

That’s not just my opinion, either. A couple years ago, WVU earned a Shorty Award for being the best university on social media. Earlier this year, WVU’s student-produced TV newscast won a first-place national Emmy Award for best college newscast in the country. Continue reading

3 Ways the Facebook News Feed Algorithm Hurts Your Brand Pages

3 Ways the Facebook News Feed Algorithm Hurts Your Brand Pages
Photo credit: REUTERS

When it comes to measuring your social media efforts, Facebook engagement is one of the easiest to calculate and compare against your competitors.

You just calculate Total Engagement (Likes + Comments + Shares) as a percent of total fans.

It’s harder to explain to the C-suite, however, how Facebook’s most recent News Feed algorithm update is squashing your brand’s organic reach.

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4 Tips For Adding Snapchat To Your Brand Channels


With more than 100 million active daily users, Snapchat is today’s red-hot social media darling, especially among millennials and Gen Z.

Until recently, I didn’t get it. Being a Gen Xer, my knowledge about the mobile-first network was limited to self-destructing messages.

But then I started playing around with it a couple weeks ago, and now I get what all the fuss is about. I’ll sum it up in 6 simple words.
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Using social media to fight the stigma of mental illness

depression-illustrationChances are you know someone who suffers from mental illness. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 1 in 4 people suffer from mental illness at some point in their life.

Yet, often these individuals suffer in silence. They’re afraid to talk about it for fear the stigma will drive others away. The stigma of weakness, of failure, and even blame that they brought it on themselves. They also may feel ashamed and guilty.

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